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dongguan jinju machine co., ltd.


Main products: nylon extrude machine,silicone extrude machine,PVC extrude machine,silicone tube extrude machine,twisting machine

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: No.40-4 the first industry area of Dapu,Huaide Humen Town Phone: 86-0769-85358007
  • Bow computerized wire binding machine
  • Plastic Extrusion machine for wires and cables making.
  • YCJ-80 PVC wire and cable extrusion machine
  • 60 PVC/NYLON wire and cable making machine
  • Screw diameter 30 wire making equipment
  • High-Speed copper twister machine
  • PVC 120 screw diameter wire and cable extrusion line
dongguan qingfeng electrical machinery co., ltd.


Main products: cable Machine,taping Machine,extruder Machine,stranding Machine,twisting Machine

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  • DoDuble-heads wire pay-off machine for Auxiliary equipment of twisting machine
  • QF400-630mm Double heads motor pay off stand
  • High speed auto coiling machine
  • High speed auto cable coiling machine
  • Auto coiling machine for wire and cable
  • wire & cable coiling machine
  • 20T Tesion passive type wire pay-off stand
dongguan naser machinery co., ltd.


Main products: chiller,water chiller,plastic crusher,plastic mixer,temperature controller

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: Synthesized Development Zone Hengli Town Phone: 86-0731-88683202
  • hot water chiller ,aquarium water chiller,air cooled water chiller
  • SGS Certificated water-cooled cooler -Made in China
  • vertical stirrer
  • CE Approval Plastic Granules Hopper Dryer for injection mold
  • Good Industrial FRP Counter Flow Water Cooling Tower(NCT-8T)
  • hot water chiller ,aquarium water chiller,air cooled water chiller
  • Naser industrial chiller details
dongguan gunri precision mold co., ltd.


Main products: ball cages, guide pillars, guide bushes, guide post sets

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: No.6, Zhenxing Rd., Liujia District, Hengli Town Phone: 86-769-83732528
  • Hardening and tempering steel slide inserts for plastic injection molds
  • High quality brass ball cages with hardened steel balls
  • High precision anodizing aluminum ball bearing cages custom standards
  • Vacuum nitriding SKD61 ejector sleeve core insert sets
  • Custom captive ball cage bushes for EXACTA Standard
  • Precision mini brass ball bearing cages
  • High steel brass ball bearing guide post bush for die set
dongguan jing one wire & cable machine co., ltd.


Main products: Cable Making Machine,PVC/PE Cable Extrusion Machine,Electrical Wire Making Machine,Optic Cable Equipment,Plastic Extrusion Machine

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: No13.Nanxing Road,Beizha Nanfang Industrial zone,Humen Town,Dongguan City. Phone: 86-769-88920358
  • Sell Double-Axis Pay Off Stand
  • Motorized Pay Off Stand
  • Sell Double Wheel Capstan Machine
  • Sell Magnetic Type Pay Off Stand
  • Sell Cable Granulator Machine For Making PVC
  • Motorized Pay Off Stand
  • Wire Pay Off Stand
dongguan city south nekon machinery co., ltd.


Main products: Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machine,Ultrasonic Welding Machine,Leather Punching Machine,Mask Making Machine,Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: Zengwu Village,Shipai Town Phone: 0086-769-86510296
  • Auto Bag Bottom Pad Making Machine
  • Single-head antomatic high-frequency fusing machine
  • Double-head high-frequency welding machine
  • 4KW~30KW Push-plate high frequency plastic packing machine(NK-GD0041)
  • Single-head high-frequency high frequency plastic welding machine(NK-GD0042)
  • Single-head high-frequency welding machine
  • China made High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine
shunxing plastic & hardware mould co. ltd


Main products: moulds, plastic moulds, injection products, automobile accessories,mobile shell, MP3/Mp4 shell, home appliances mold,office equipment part mould, plastic gear,speaker, die casting mould

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: Xing'an Chang'an Town Dongguan City Phone: 86-769-85355698
  • Die casting mould
  • Die casting mould
  • Die casting mould
  • Die casting mould
  • Die casting mould
  • Die casting mould
  • Die casting mould
dongguan feixinda precision machine science technology co., ltd.


Main products: die cutting machine,adhesive converting press,adhesive kiss cutting press,Laminating machine,Precisely die cutting machine

Business type: Manufacturer Address: Beside Yangchong Gas Station,Guanzhang Road,DaLang Town Phone: 86-769-83261000
  • FXD Lable slitting machine with rewinding machine
  • Epe foam automatic plastic laminating machine
  • Roll to roll pvc tape lamination machine
  • Multi Layer Cold Laminating Machine
  • Two stataions roller laminating equipment
  • Three stations laminator
  • Double Stations Auxiliary Tape Laminator for Die Cutting
world strong rubber co., ltd.


Main products: Rubber Mold,Rubber and Plastic Products

Business type: Manufacturer Address: Blg 2, Sankeng Industrial Park, Qinghutou, Tangxia, Dongguan, Guangdong Phone: 86-769-82085238
  • Automotive Engine Seals, Components & Gaskets
  • cheap custom silicon charm bracelet 2014
  • one-color silicone rubber bracelet for promotion
  • colorful silicon rubber bands
  • 100% custom molded silicone rubber bracelet
  • glow in dark silicone watch bracelet
  • Custom molded silicone rubber belt
dongguan shenghan precise plastic products co., ltd.


Main products: Mould,Plastic Mould

Business type: Manufacturer Address: A(6)Building Fuming Industrial Area,Youganpu Village,Fenggang Town,Dongguan City Phone: 86-0769-87505255
  • mouse
  • plastic gear
  • mobile parts
  • mobile parts
  • DVD parts
  • cell phone parts
  • plastic parts
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About Dongguan mould industry
Dongguan is a rise new industrial city in the tide of reform and opening up , in just 20 years time, on the completion of the Western developed countries have used more than 100 years, the Asian "tigers" have used more than 40 years before the completion of the industrialized rapidly from an agriculturalthe county developed into an international processing and manufacturing city, attracting world attention "Dongguan miracle created. According to incomplete statistics, at present, Dongguan city has a large retail outlets (3,000 square meters), 253, 95 Commercial Street, commodity trading market of 716, including 151 specialized wholesale markets.
Dongguan Guangdong and even the processing trade in the earliest of the fastest growing and largest region in recent years to promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, and gradually realize mainly exports to both import and export and expand the domestic market changes,simple processing and assembly supporting changes to the depth of processing and industrial enterprise value-added products, technical content and self-development capabilities continue to improve, and achieved remarkable results. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of processing trade to become the driving force for the smooth development of Dongguan Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.
Dongguan is the most concentrated areas of Taiwanese investment, to April this year, Dongguan cumulative Taiwanese investment projects signed 6,200 pieces, close to the mainland signed a one-tenth of the total number of joint venture projects. The Dongguan City accumulated contract Liyongtaizi close to $ 14 billion, the actual investment from Taiwan more than $ 10.5 billion, accounting for one-tenth of the the mainland actual Liyongtaizi total.
Profile of Dongguan

Area: 2465 square km

Population: 8.2 million

GDP: 473.5 billion Yuan (2011)         426.6 billion Yuan(2010)

Exports: $ 78.3 billion(2011)
            $ 69.6 billion(2010)

Imports: $ 56.9 billion(2011)
             $ 51.7 billion(2010)

Main industries: Electronic information, mould, biological medicine, new materials, the petroleum chemical industry, fine chemical industry, automobile and accessories, shipbuilding and ship repairing, mechanical and electrical integration, complete sets of equipment, environmental protection, new building materials, food, crafts

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