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  • Hot runner Temperature control box
    We are specializing in the production of hot runner temperature control box, with 15 years of production experience, welcome foreign customers purchase, email: 3531456591

    posted on
    2017/3/3 10:58:01

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  • Existence
    China plastic injection mould maker . Our service 1. ODM/OEM for Plastic Parts, 2. Plastic Products Processing Manufacturer. 3. Precise Mold Making. My Skype: sz-ytd

    posted on
    2017/2/14 10:00:22

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  • cathy chang
    Export sales
    injection mold manufacturer in Shenzhen[/30]

    posted on
    2017/1/6 15:22:33

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  • Lly Zhnag
    auto alternator housing, aluminum alloy starter motor de bracket in China,

    posted on
    2016/11/24 17:14:49

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  • Christine LU
    stainless steel tubes used in stainless steel mechanical structures, architectural ornament, industrial piping, food hygiene, boiler ex-changers and domestic drinking water.

    posted on
    2016/11/18 9:59:46

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