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  • Ada Huang
    XY Precision Technology (China) Limited Provide tungsten carbide & ceramic mould, punch, and other products, and we provide custom fabrication service.

    posted on
    2017/12/13 15:25:44

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  • alice fu
    disposable crystal tableware mould

    posted on
    2017/10/11 16:45:08

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  • Annie Zhang
    Sales manager
    SLA/SLS 3D Printing Prototype Service

    posted on
    2017/9/15 11:20:00

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    stanless steel storage tanks

    posted on
    2017/6/20 15:13:02

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  • Hot runner Temperature control box
    We are specializing in the production of hot runner temperature control box, with 15 years of production experience, welcome foreign customers purchase, email: 3531456591

    posted on
    2017/3/3 10:58:01

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