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shanghai chunxu mould industrial co.,ltd

Main products: Rotational molding,rotomolding,rotomold ,aluminium mould,kayak mould ,tooling,molding,mould.

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: No.186 Lane 125 Wushuang Road Huating East Industrial Zone Jiading District Phone: +86-13331823708
  • Washing machine rotational molding
  • Kayak rotomolding mold
  • Barricade rotomolding mold
  • Children's slide rotomolding mold
  • Floating mold on the water
  • Toy mould for amusement
  • Mud car fender mold
shanghai leadworld machinery technology co., ltd.


Main products: filling machine,packing machine,conveyor

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: NO.551 TongLi Road, Jiuting Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China Phone: 0086-021-67691848
  • clamping type vertical lift conveyor
  • Vertical conveying for carton Conveyor for transport Production Line
  • stainless steel continous vertical lifting conveyor
  • Clamping Type Vertical Lifting Conveyor for transport Production Line
  • vertical lifting clamp conveyor for bottles
  • carton vertical lifting conveyor
  • stainless steel continous vertical lifting conveyor
shanghai sower mechanical & electrical equipment co., ltd.


Main products: Mechanical & Electrical Equipment (Disperser,Vessel,Sand Mill,Paint Equipment,Mixer)

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: 27F Centro Mansion,No. 568 Hengfeng Road,Shanghai China Phone: 86-21-32201032,63538710
  • Industrial Grinding Mill
  • New-style basket mill SYLM
  • Paint horizontal sand mill
  • paint grinding mill
  • Three roller mill for dye pigment
  • Three roller mill
  • New-style basket mill
zhenjiang intco environment protection machinery co., ltd.


Main products: EPS Recycling Machine,plastic recycling machine

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: 3F, Building 9, CHJ Pujiang Hi-Tech park(188 Xinjunhuan Rd) Phone: 86-21-34978818
  • GreenMax A-C200 Polystyrene Waste Recycling Machine
  • GreenMax A-C200 Polystyrene Recycling Machine
  • GreenMax A-C200 Polystyrene Compactor
  • GreenMax A-C200 Styrofoam Compactor for Recycling
  • GreenMax A-C200 Polystyrene Densifier
  • GreenMax A-C200 EPS Densifier
  • GreenMax A-C200 Machine to Recycle Polystyrene Waste
shanghai hope look new pipes co., ltd.


Main products: PP Pipe fitting,PPR Pipe fitting,Mold,brass insert,PVC pipe fitting

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: No,128th Yaoxin Road, European Industry Zone, Fengxian, Phone: 86-21-57460011
  • ppr fittings ppr flanges
  • PPR. PVC.PE PP fitting PVC collapasible mould
  • injection mould all types of ppr pipe fittings
  • plastic pipe ppr welding machine
  • ppr pipe fittings ppr valve
  • polypropylene pipe handle
  • Hot sale PPR plastic ppr flanges
shanghai kingstep machinery co., ltd.


Main products: Grease Pump,Oil Pump,Lubrication Pump Bucket,Lubrication Transfer Pump Oil Drainer,Washing-Filling-Capping Machine

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: Weijiadai Village, Sheshan Town, email: sales(at) Phone: 86-21-54933718
  • building material glass wool balnket
  • sound absorbing glass wool blanket
  • glass wool felt
  • Compression Spring of high quality with competitive price
  • construction material glass wool blanket
  • glass wool blanket
  • shanghai OEM Gas spring as you request
shanghai panxun machinery co., ltd.


Main products: injection molding machine,plastic machine,PET preform injection molding machine,Pet preform mold,Small injection molding machine

Business type: Manufacturer Address: NO.5894-5896 Funan road, Hangtou town ,Nanhui district, Phone: 0086-21-68220425
  • plastic injection molding machines
  • mold temperature controller(9KW oil)
  • plastic injection machine
  • water cooled machine
  • Automatic mold temperature control equipment(9KW)
  • pet preform making machine
  • Automatic mold temperature control equipment(9KW)
shanghai gs machinery manufacture co., ltd.


Main products: Plastic Machine,Injection Machine,Plastic Extruder

Business type: Manufacturer Address: No. 888, Kungang Road, Songjiang Sci. & Tech. Park, Shanghai City. China Phone: 86-21-57850726
  • Advertisement Decoration Sheet Extrusion Line
  • Sheet Extrusion Line/Dryer-free PET Double Vented Sheet Extrusion Line
  • Plastic Machine (variable pump, curved,red, blue)
  • Decoration Sheet Extrusion Line
  • cup machine
  • Extruder
  • Moulding machine( variable pump injection molding machine)
shanghai glary trading co., ltd


Main products: led heatsink, cold forging heatsink, aluminum profiles, led cooling

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: Building A, No.826, Hutai, Putuo, Shanghai Phone: 02136538100
  • 172mm aluminum round tooling for high power led light heatsinks/radiator/cooler
  • 160mm aluminum round tooling for led light heatsinks/radiator/cooler
  • 250mm aluminum round tooling for led light heatsinks
  • Metal Stamping LED commercial light heatsinks
  • customized aluminum extrusion hinges for led lights
  • 160mm 100W LED High Bay Light Heatsink/Radiator/Cooling
  • 171mm hard anodized led marine light aluminum round heatsinks/radiator/cooler
shanghai jiuluo mechanical and electrical equipment co., ltd.


Main products: PVC/PU Conveyor Belts Welding System,Medical Sterile Packaging Machine,Tarpaulin/Tent/Membrane Welding Machine,Soft Bellows Welding Machine,Blister Packaging Machine

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Business type: Manufacturer Address: #139 , Sizhuan Southern Road No.255, Xinqiao town,Songjiang,Shanghai Phone: 86-021-57720269
  • car sun visor mould
  • medical breast implants packaging machine
  • mdeical device sterile packaging machine
  • medical device sterile packaging
  • Automatic medical Tyvek heat sealing machine
  • blister sterile packaging machinery
  • mecical device sterile packing machine
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About Shanghai mould industry
According to preliminary statistics, the Shanghai production car in stamping, plastic, die casting mold enterprises nearly 70, the annual output value of about 20 billion. Private enterprises, such as Hua Zhuang, 1000 edge Yi Feng, Huang Yan, Hani, a joint venture enterprise, such as Ogihara, Visteon, Koito, Taiwan-funded enterprises such as Lianheng, Wang Xu, Taiwan Lai Tong, etc., these enterprises big years of output value in 5 (more than) 00 million, billion yuan annual output value of nearly seven enterprises, individual enterprises, the annual growth rate of 100%.
Shanghai auto mold companies in the main hardware is rapidly narrowing the gap with international standards. In recent years. By lot to purchase state-of-the-art CNC equipment, including the triaxial to five-axis high-speed machine tools, large gantry machining centers and CNC milling machine, a state-of-the-art large-scale measurement and debugging equipment and multi-axis CNC laser cutting machine, etc., so that enterprises level and the ability to greatly improve the production of automotive panel die, even some enterprises has reached world advanced level, individual enterprises through industry collaboration. With one year can be completed at the same time of 4 to 5 models complete mold.
Because of the accumulation of popularization and application of CAD / CAE / CAM technology. Standardized structure, standard parts and typical structure of the use of its flexibility on this basis, the mold structure composite high degree of reasonable structure, such as the use of reliable be met. Some enterprises to establish a knowledge base tool library, the spindle head libraries, virtual processing to check for interference. Some companies also independently developed software to avoid undercutting CNC machine tools, precision machining, multi-axis machining, inclination processing methods. Some enterprises have achieved a transition to the vehicle parts from local parts, middle and low sedan mold, Mold production capacity of high-end cars, and standard acceptance by Japan, Germany and other foreign companies. Die abroad of some of the high-end level of the gap is narrowing, all rely on imports of luxury cars in mold phenomenon is gradually changing.
Profile of Shanghai

Area: 6340.5 square km

Population: 23.5 million

GDP:1919.6 billion Yuan (2011)         1687.2 billion Yuan(2010)

Exports: $ 20.9 billion(2011)
            $ 18.8 billion(2010)

Imports:$ 22.8 billion(2011)
             $ 18.8 billion(2010)

Main industries: Electronic information, mould, biological medicine, new materials, the petroleum chemical industry, fine chemical industry, automobile and accessories, shipbuilding and ship repairing, mechanical and electrical integration, complete sets of equipment, environmental protection, new building materials, food, crafts

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