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About Huangyan mould industry
Huangyan, named "Mould Town of china", is the largest produdiort base of plastic injection mould in China.
There are more than 2000 mould factories in Huangyan, 524 factories produce moulds only, of which 54 are scalp enterprises, Mare than 50,000 people work in mould industry 400 are technicians., 69 are senior technicians. CNC equipments used in these factories are.over 1900, over 420 processing centers, and other equipments introduced from German, Italy, Swiss, Japan, Taiwan, and so on.
Plastic moulds are popular here, more than half of the factories make plastic injection moulds. However, punching dies, stamping dies, casting dies extrusion moulds, blow moulds can also be found here. Plastic moulds made in Huangyan are usually for producing automotive parts, home appliances, daily necessities, motorcycle parts, pipe fittings, and so on. Huangyan moulds are famous for short injection time, low cost, and high quality.
Huangyan Mould has been developping rapidly in recent years as a result of management innovation and technique innovation. Forexample, Saihao brand of Zhejiang Saihao Industrial Co., Ltd has wan famous brand of Zhejiang Province; Zhejiang Jiaren Mould Co:,. Ltd has setup Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation and State Key Laboratory of Mould R&D Center,
Profile of Huangyan

Area: 988 square km

Population: 660000

GDP: 26.74 billion Yuan (2011)         23.57 billion Yuan(2010)

Exports: $ 1.75 billion(2011)
            $ 1.39 billion(2010)

Imports: $ 1550 million(2011)              $ 151million(2010)

Main industries: Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Moulds, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Plastics & Rubber, Food & Beverage, Medical, Chemicals, Gifts & Crafts, Textile & Clothes

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