Chinaplas 2017


  • Candy Huang
Duration: 2017/5/16~2017/5/19

Name:Chinaplas 2017
Organizer:Unifair Exhibition Service
Categories:Exhibits Range (1) Laundry Equipment / Spare Parts: Equipment, apparatus and related accessories for cleaning, dry-cleaning, drying, ironing, folding and pressing, etc. (2) Chemicals / Consumables: Chemicals, accessories and consumables for cleaning, dry-cleaning, stain removing, dyeing, disinfection (3) Laundry Factory Construction: Laundry factory’s design and construct, laundry integration system (4) Franchise Chain: Laundry store franchise, leather care store franchise (5) Waste Water Treatment Technology: Waste water treatment and recycle technology and equipment (6) Leather Care: Leather caring technology, equipment and chemicals (7) Laundry Rental Service: For hotel linens, hospital bedding and clothing, and other public textiles (8) Others: Management software, media, associations and related service within industry

Company:Unifair Exhibition Service
Contact Person:Jade
Content: Chinaplas 2017
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